05 July 2011

Canada Day at home in Wiarton

After a week in Kincardine Marina and entertaining just about every night, we made our way for our home port.

The plan was be on the water around 4am and enjoy a nice leisurely cruise up and around the Bruce Peninsula.  Maybe even save a little fuel after our 2000nm delivery run.  Well, I forget to let Mother Nature in on our plans.

Fog and rain took some of the charm out of leaving before sunrise.  Hit the snooze button and try again for 6am.

Still not pretty, but it is time to get going.  Leaving the girls in bed, I set the throttles for a 10knot cruise and make a course for Tobermory.

So far, so good.  The wind is 8-10knots out of the west.  A beam to sea.  If it stays like this, life would be great.  But, the forecast is not promising.  They are calling for 15-20knots out of the North-West and that would be a lot less enjoyable.  At about 7:30am, the seas are starting to show signs of picking up, so I slide down the ladder to talk to the girls.  I tell them that I would like to pick it up and make Tobermory before things get nasty.  I get the go ahead.

It didn't take long and we were seeing the forecast coming true.  Not ideal, but the boat can handle it.

Oh no!  Here come the girls and they are not happy.  Macara is quite upset.  It took me about 10 minutes to convince her that we were safe and that it was just a little bumpy.  She was histarical, but comes around once she could see what was actually going on above decks.  Just the same, she wasn't having fun and for a brief moment I considered bailing out and pulling in at Stokes Bay.  But, that was an 8nm run on its own and it wasn't that much further to Tobermory.  We press on.

Finally, Tobermory.  To my surprise and much relief, the seas lay right flat.  The morning's plan was to lay off the throttles and save a little fuel, but the trip thus far has wiped the smiles off the crew.  I decide to get us off the water as soon as possible.  Hoping a little terra firma will improve the mood.

We now have a new ETA.  We were talking between 4-6pm.  Get ready folks here we come and we will be there by 1pm.

Normally, we are in the water around the 1st of May, this is the last weekend of June.  Enough suspense, it is time to unveil the new boat.  Our marina friends are all gathered at our slip.  Balloons and air horns to boot!  Got to love 'em!!!  A nice reception, and much appreciated.

Canada Day!  Our first full weekend in Wiarton is a long weekend.  Sweet!!!

We will call it Friday morning, but we are off the dock by about noon.  The weather is gorgeous and we spend the rest of the weekend on the hook.  A little further than prime fireworks distance, but we have a great view of the fireworks and our favourite anchorage for the night.  Get comfy and enjoy!!!