12 January 2012

Toronto International Boat Show

It's winter, well sort of.  We might as well have left the boat in the water if this is all we are going to get.

Just like the last 15 boat shows, once again this one has snuck up on us.  It's like you wake up with a hangover from New Years eve and it is instant panic, "The boat show is in 2 weeks"!

The fine folks at Bay Moorings (www.baymoorings.com) have sent us Guest admission passes to the show.  They sure know how to make you feel like your business matters.  They are now working on getting us in for the Friday night VIP show.  It would be nice to see the show without all the tourists, just real boaters.

Our goal this year is to turn that Sportfish into a Cruiser.  Even though most will never talk to us, because we look like a Sportfish.

1.  We have the anchor and upgraded windlass, still need upgraded rope and chain.
2.  Dinghy davits.  It's novel that a couple RIBs fits in the cockpit, but that is not how I want to live my life.
3.  EPIRB.  We are going to be a long way from help.  It would be nice if we could tell them where we are.
4.  WiFi and Cellular amplifiers to stay in touch.
5.  DC water pump.  I understand we have showers and washing machines now, but I would like to be able to wash my hands without running the genny.
6.  VHF antennae.  Both sides need to go!  Isn't that going to fun to walk around with.
7.  Clothing to protect from the sun, the wind and the rain.

Finally, those aweful white taps in the galley need to go!!!

It's 2012!  We leave this year.  What was once a dream is quickly becoming reality.