19 October 2011

Haul Out :-(

We left a couple weekends open for taking Knot Yet across to Penetanguishene for haul-out.

Yes, Penetanguishene.  Our home port, Wiarton, cannot handle us over the winter.  We do not fit in their indoor storage.

Normally, we try and push our season on to get the end of October in.  But, seeing as we now have to make a trip across Georgian Bay before haul-out, we decided to cut our season a little bit shorter.

Our first choice weekend blew a gale.  Winds blew 40 knots, gusting close to 50 knots.  Waves on Northern Lake Huron grew to 15 feet.  Not quite as big on Georgian Bay, but still no place that I want to be.

Our second choice weekend was Thanksgiving weekend.  Apologies to our family, but we needed to take care of our boat.

Wow!  Did we ever luck out.  Shorts weather and calm winds.  It's hard to appreciate that we need to get this done when the weather is like this.

Saturday is so nice.  I keep telling myself we should get going.  I keep checking on Sunday's Marine Forecast.  But, good things come to those who procrastinate, so we wait another day.

Instead of making our way across the bay, we loaded up for a fall colours tour around Colpoy's Bay for the afternoon.  Fabulous!!!

Griffith Island Lighthouse
Saturday night we have boating friends over for dinner, tell lots of stories and stay up way too late.  I sure hope the weather is nice on Sunday.

It is a charmed life we live, because Sunday is every bit as nice as Saturday was.  Our 9am planned departure crept a little to become a 10am departure, but that could happen to anyone.  ;-)  Regrettably, it is time to leave.  We say our good-byes and cast our lines for the season.

Wiarton Marina.  We have never seen this many boats in the water after us!
The trip across the Georgian Bay and around to Penetang is 62nm.  In conditions like this, it feels like we should do it way more often.  It's hard to remember that it is the middle of October.  We don't see a single boat between Griffith Island and Christian Island.

Christian Island Lighthouse
I have to put a plug in for Bay Moorings marina (http://www.baymoorings.com/).  This was our first time actually meeting the staff and seeing the facilities.  I must say, I have a hard time recalling ever being treated better at a marina.  First impression is I like this place.

The problem with storing your boat almost a 3 hour drive from home... how do you get home?  Easy, phone a friend with a plane.  Thanks Gerry!!!

Kerri getting ready to board our flight home
BTW, the following weekend blew over 40 knots again.

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