05 February 2013

This is what we came for.

Nassau continued...

We had our day of fun at Atlantis Resort, but we had a few more things to take care of before blasting off towards the Exumas.  The folks at the Atlantis Marina were ever so helpful, so we decided to take advantage of that.  We needed some produce to go along with our 2 freezers full of red meat and 30 cases of beer.  No problem, they ordered us a taxi and told us that we will find everything that we are looking for at the market.  I still had Nassau of 20 years ago on the brain and I was thinking we were headed to a farmers market or something.  Nope, a supermarket as fine as any grocery store that we usually shop in back home.  And some of the prices were better.  Pleasantly, surprised.  

Our next task, a cell phone.  I am starting to feel like an international spy with my collection of pay as you go phones.  No long term contracts here.  I needed a new phone anyway.  $30 a month for data and then put on a few bucks for voice.  Use the minutes as you go.  I now have my Canadian, US and Bahamian phones all charged and on the ready.

Last minute chores taken care of and the weather letting up, it seems like it is time to move on.  Exumas here we come!!!

As it turns out, our weather window was not quite as clear as we had lead ourselves to believe.  We were hoping to get off the dock eventually, but after all the wind and the chop, we were easily lured into a very nice little marina offering Super Bowl specials.  Sounds like fun, count us in.

This is the Bahamas that we have been looking for, an open air restaurant with a big screen TV serving island pub specials and sharing the Super Bowl with some 25 other cruisers.  Good fun!

With the cold front now through, the next week appears to be offering a steady weather pattern.  Finally, we are off the dock!

First stop, Norman’s Cay.  

During the 80’s, Norman’s Cay was the epitome of Bahamas’ drug problem.  Owned by Columbian drug lord Carlos Leder, this is the place where allegedly a few cruisers meet their hostile demise coming too close to his operation.  
I doubt this guy was delivering care packages to the needy.
At home under the wreckage.
Today, Norman’s Cay offers several fine anchorages to fit almost any wind direction.  Sounds good to us.

After school lets out, it is time for a little snorkelling.
Look... treasure!
Just before climbing back in the dinghy, I found this brute.  Our first lobster!  This guy fed us dinner, then lobster omelets, then lobster salad sandwiches and he is still good to go for more omelets again tomorrow morning.

One heckuva big lobster.
 Good night...
Anchored at Norman's Cay.

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