15 May 2012

The old taps are gone!

A tiny quirk that has bothered me since we bought the boat has been fixed!

I know, they are just taps.  But, for me, they were like that first scratch on a brand new vehicle.  They stuck out like a sore thumb.  They had to go.

My idea of going like brand for like brand,  even after calling Moen for technical advice, still resulted in brute force and ignorance.  Those old taps just didn't want to go.  In the end, I took a saw to them and cut them out.

Old tap.  New soap dispenser already in place.
New taps.

In a related story.  Kerri has wanted to get the cockpit combing pads re-upholstered.  So, we started removing them.  Port side, starboard side no problem.  This is easy.  Then the transom???  How did they bolt these on?  We got one nut off, but how were we going to get the others.  Even if we get them off, how would be reattach them?  The only access to the nuts was from down below decks and up inside the transom.  About a 3 ft reach.  I would never be able to thread a nut back on.  It's time to call Ocean for some hints.  Well...  you don't remove all the nuts.  The one we had removed was a locking point.  The others, were in a key hole type arrangement.  Slide the whole unit to the left about 3 inches and there are holes to pull out each bolt.  Thirty seconds later the final pad was removed.  Thanks Tom!

Good thing I hadn't resorted to my usual brute force and ignorance.


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