28 April 2011

The ball is in their court

We have now had a couple days with the survey results.  I have had time to make a few calls.

Sure I paid for a survey, but what does it all mean?

I have attempted to sort out what is normal wear and tear on a 11 year old boat and what is broken or abnormal wear.  I have tried to sort out neglect vs. sh*t happens.

After all that, I have attempted to put a dollar value on stuff that just ain't right.  I will benefit from the corrective maintenance.  They should have done it earlier.  I have negotiated 50 cents on the dollar for everything that I feel is above and beyond normal wear.

So, it is now up to them.  We have signed back a Conditional Acceptance letter.  We adjust our offer by a few thousand dollars.  They have to decide if our offer is fair or not.

Our latest deadline is 5PM Friday.

She is a good boat.  We are just trying to put a fair value on her.


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