19 April 2011

First look

Monday was our first look at Ocean Club (2000 48' Ocean Super Sport) since signing the contract.

She is a nice boat in need of a little bit of a face lift.  We are a little disappointed with her presentation.  You would think that a person trying to get full value out of their boat would put a little shine on her.  She needs a wash and a wax.  She has a couple broken mirrors.  She has more than a few scratches in her wood work.  A damaged door latch.  A stain in the carpet.  None of this is major, I just would have expected all of this to have been cleaned up before the buyers arrive.  It makes me wonder, what else will we find.

Oh well, the survey is on Wednesday.  That is when we find out what kind of boat she really is.

And the weather is nice!

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