10 April 2011

We have a name, but still no boat.

Aug 1st 2012 is our departure date.

Internally we set a timetable that our new boat would be on the Great Lakes for one full cruising season before we leave.  

We started shopping in June of 2009 with a trip to New Bedford, Mass. and Freeport, Maine to look at 2004 40' Mainships.

March 2010 we charter a 1997 39' Mainship in the Virgin Islands and decide that out on the ocean, that was not the boat for us.

So in late March I fly back down to Florida to start shopping for a new boat.  I find a beat up old 48' Ocean in at a Liquidator.  I call Kerri back home to get on the internet and find me a nicer one.  The search for our cruising sportfish begins.

Well... after offers on:
1.  2001 48' Ocean - miles apart
2.  2001 52' Ocean - very close on Christmas eve
3.  2001 52' Ocean - repoed during our getting approval for financing
4.  2003 52' Ocean - bank agent comes to us and then senior lending officer decides it is worth way more
5.  2003 52' Ocean - got close, too much money to turn this fishing boat into cruising boat
6.  2001 52' Ocean - dock talk convinced owner he shouldn't settle, so he raises his counter $25k?
7.  2000 48' Ocean - we have a contract

Fingers are crossed, hoping the survey goes well on April 20th (my birthday).


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