26 July 2012

Cell booster

I definitely don't plan to turn this blog into a home for gear reviews, but I wanted to pass along a small addition that we added to the boat that may be of interest to others.

A cellular signal booster.  We chose one from Wilson Electronics.  www.wilsonelectronics.com

I was even able to buy a full kit created for marine applications.  A small marine antenna.  20' of low loss cable.  An AG Soho 60 amplifier.  Some more cable and a inside panel antenna.

The premise being, catch the single, amplify it and then redistribute about the boat.

So far, I am very happy with it's performance.  Where there is a signal of only a single bar, I can now amplify it to 5 bars.  That's sweet!

So, why do you need your cell phone on a boat?

I am always in search for more weather information when I am on the water.  Knowing the weather makes life on board, so much easier.  Sure, marine weather forecasts are put out several times a day, but the element that is missing is radar.  Forecasts can be for quite a large area, having a visual picture of where rain and thunderstorms may pass through is a huge bonus.

Just the other day we watched a large front roll down the North Channel, all the time it appeared it was coming right at us.  Before it got to us, the front decided to swing north.

We got to continue enjoying our day!

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