05 September 2012

Knot Yet, where have you been?

It's been pretty quiet, hasn't it?  Not for us!

We made it to Albany, NY and took up a slip at the Albany Yacht Club.  I rented a suit and a car and  off to Providence, Rhode Island we went.

The occasion?  A wedding.  We have been quite remiss in our wedding duties this year.  Apologies to all.  Getting ready for this trip has been our focus.  Now that we are on our trip, and we were heading in the right direction anyway, let's have some fun.

Fun it was!  So much so, that we changed our plans by a couple days.  We grew roots at "Club Gateman" and just couldn't leave.  Many thanks to Marty and Anne for their hospitality!

It was great to have so much family around.  Kerri and I haven't been out that late in a long time.  Oh boy, does it hurt?  Friday night the post rehearsal party was at this rocking little Irish pub.  Late night.  Saturday was the wedding, reception, off to the pub for an after party and then back to the motel for an after-after party.  3:15am came quickly and so did Sunday morning brunch.

We planned for all that.  What we didn't plan for was the Sunday afternoon BBQ back at Kerri's aunt and uncle's (parents of the groom) place.  Which turned into the Monday afternoon BBQ at Club Gateman.  Tuesday morning departure.  Oops!  We were all having too much fun.  Macara spent all day Monday in their pool, literally.

Congratulations Chris and Kim!

Back on the water.  Off to Catskill.


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