13 September 2012


What a rush!  I haven't felt this uncomfortable in a long time.  Not scared, just out of my comfort zone.  Let me explain.

Out in the Hudson River there are ferries running everywhere.  Lots of boat traffic, in a hurry, on a schedule.  No courtesy, just business.  I expected that.  I had the radar running and was adjusting speed and course to account for all the wake and chop.  What I wasn't ready for was when we entered the Morris Canal, where our marina was.  There was a ferry boat pulling out in front of me, so I gave him is space, when up on full plane, another ferry boat races right on by us.  I was at a standstill.  The boat rocked mercilessly.  Macara was down below and got knocked right off her feet.  Stuff got thrown everywhere.  Welcome to NYC?  I am a little put out.

Next,  our slip assignment, D22.  They want us to go where?  I nose my way in towards the guy in the 'red shirt'.  There is no place to turn around in here.  The wind is howling.  No way!  I can't do it.  I almost clip a dock as I back my way out of there.  "Can I have another slip assignment"? I call out of the VHF.  "Sure, no problem.  Let's try D21", he says.  Well, D21 is the same as D22 except from the other direction.  It's only saving grace was that there wasn't another 48' Ocean Super Sport in the slip right across from it like D22 had.  At D21, that slip is empty.  But, to get to D21 I must back off the main channel down a row of slips, with the wind blowing me sideways, then back into the wind all the way up another row of slips to the very end.  Where finally, I have to bring her broadside to the wind and tie up.  I am proud to say that I aced it, but my knees were shaking the entire way.  I need a beer!

Unwittingly, we found ourselves in NYC on September, 11th.  Between our ferry terminal and the closest subway station was Ground Zero.  Nobody would plan it this way, but that is the way it was.  I expected total chaos, surprisingly it was not that bad.

Living in Kincardine, there are not a whole lot of public transit choices.  Bus routes and subway schedules are not my forte.  But, we found our way up to Time Square just the same.  I'd still rather navigate a 100nm of open water, but that is just me.

New York City is a very large place with plenty to offer.  I am not sure how many days it would take to do it justice.  For me, one day.  That's all I needed.  Sorry mom!

Here is New York City according to the Brooks' (mostly me).  Toys R Us... the Naked Cowboy... and and a 'by chance' viewing of the President (if anybody calls him a celebrity look alike, I am coming through the screen at you.  It was the President!).  Oh ya, and the Statue of Liberty.  Which I have never seen before in my life.  I was making a sandwich the last time I went by.  Honest.  And for those that don't know, she is actually in New Jersey.  Just saying.

Toys R Us in Times Square
The Naked Cowboy
President Obama
The Statue of Liberty
A tighter crop, if you prefer.

One more.  Just a happy girl in New York.

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