11 September 2012

The Hudson River

Finally moving again.

The Hudson River is a pretty place.  I don't know why I struggle with that.  I always had an impression that it was just a dirty river that flows through New York City.  Not so.  North of Yonkers it has beautiful mountain scenery.  Down at water level it has many interesting lighthouses.  Cameras at the ready!

Saugerties lighthouse
Kingston lighthouse

One particularly scenic portion of the river is the area around West Point Military Academy.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate.  Just as we approached the Academy, the skies opened up.  We could hardly see anything for a short period of time.  Fortunately, the rain stopped before West Point was out of sight.

Breakneck Point
West Point Military Academy
The Hudson River also has commerce.  Passenger trains run the east side.  Commercial trains run the west side.  We are getting a little weary of train whistles through the night.  The tracks run right up the river valley and thus, right behind a couple of the marinas that we stayed at.

We broke the river into short 30nm pieces.  Catskill, Marlboro, Haverstraw and then on to NYC.  We are now 680nm from Wiarton.  We finally had to breakdown and took on some fuel.  I was hoping to make New Jersey, their fuel was a lot cheaper on my delivery trip home from Fort Lauderdale.  A day or so later, I also decided to perform an oil change.  Not bad, 580nm without fuel.

George Washington Bridge
This was not planned, but we arrived in NYC on the eve of the anniversary of 9/11.  We are currently tied up at Liberty Landing Marina.  Right across the river from Ground Zero.  To do anything, we will have to walk right by the site of the old World Trade Center.  But, NYC will have to wait for another post.

Freedom Tower off our stern
Financial District at night


  1. You have captured the beauty of the Hudson.

  2. I guess I wasn't the only one who thoroughly enjoyed my trip through New York City. I got my AIS receiver working while we anchored behind Statue of Liberty I thought it was going to implode with all the targets. Glad to leave and get farther south. Now in Chesapeake City. Dave