07 August 2012

A few things to tidy up first

After another great trip to the North Channel.  May I never tire of that place.  We decided to go back to Wiarton and try and clear up some administrative stuff.  We had hoped to see our mailbox stuffed full of Health Cards, dinghy registration numbers and our new PLB.  One out of 3 was the best we could do.  The PLB and Health Cards are going to try and catch up with us someplace.

Tomorrow we leave.  Has anybody heard that before?

The wind gods do not appear to be favouring us.  Or maybe they are just giving us the kick in the rear end we need to get going.  If there is a time to leave, it is tomorrow.  And even that is questionable, but we will try.  If we don't make it across the bay tomorrow we are staring at forecasts for 25knots for the next 3 days.  That's not my idea of fun.  So, tomorrow we leave.

My life on the internet these days looks like this...



I can't change the weather, but I have plenty of information to aid me from suffering from it.


  1. Dropping in for the first time to "catch up" with the three of you. You will be missed at the Masterson Family Reunion! Aiden was asking about Macara this past week ... cousins, lol. Will add you to my Google Reader.
    "Just Me"

  2. PS I wished I had known you had still been here I would have brought him down for a visit. Next time maybe