19 August 2012

Peterborough to Trenton

Cheers to Facebook and a chance to meet up with a friend that we haven't seen for far too many years!  Tammy your help and visit in Peterborough truly was a gift.  Many thanks!!!

Macara the fishing machine pulls another respectable Largemouth Bass out from amongst the Bluegills and Sunfish in Peterborough Marina.

We spent the following night just a mile away at the bottom of Lock 19, Scott's Mill.  We were joined by an amazing family, one year behind us in their planning for a trip down south.  We had a delightful evening tied to the wall, had dinner together played cards and talked about boating.  It's always a joy to spend time with like minded people.

Moving along we spent a night in Campbellford.  The girls went shopping while I did some boat chores.  The genny needed oil and fuel filter changes, with that complete we slipped out  mid-afternoon.

After a failed attempt to anchor above Lock 7 we moved on to Frankford.  Arriving late and with most spots taken along the wall, we were forced to take a spot that left our bow blocking the lock.  That led to an early morning so that we could catch the first lock opening clearing the path for others.  Arriving late at the lock meant that dinner plans were a bust.  We Googled 'pizza' in Frankford and found Dimitri's Pizzeria Restaurant.  A short walk later we approached a place that looked dark and empty.  Inside it was a rocking Saturday night crowd getting ready for Karaoke night.  We had a blast, the food was great and we wish we could have stayed longer.  With a young girl in tow and an early morning ahead, regretfully we had to leave.  When we left there was only one empty table in the place.

A short trip and few locks later, the Trent-Severn Waterway is now complete.  I must tip my hat to the cottage owners along the waterway, not one incident of resentment to our presence.  Quite the opposite,   Saturday evening felt like we were Santa in a Santa Claus parade.  Many a large gathering stood and waved as we passed by.  Even more impressive, while we unsuccessfully tried to anchor up a shallow back channel, three separate cottagers came out to see if we were ok.  They don't usually see such large boats up that channel.  They thought we attempting to go the wrong way.  Unfortunately, we could not get our anchors to hold.  Onward.

To the contrary, this section of waterway has put us in contact with some of the most ill willed lockmasters that you would ever want to cross paths with.  The supervisor of the 'She-devil' at, coincidently named, Haig's Reach Lock 10 will be hearing from us come Monday.  Not to mention the 'jerk' at Lock 11/12 and 'Ace' at Lock 7.  It's strange, most of the lockmasters were some of the most pleasant people, ever helpful.  Yet, this list is not complete naming the less than stellar staff along the way.

Overall, the Trent-Severn has been a great experience.  We didn't anchor out as much as we would have liked.  But, we had a better trip than we had expected.  We did bump something on Canal Lake right in the middle of the channel.  Nobody would appreciate that.  Also, we leave the channel with an annoying squeal emanating from our starboard drive.  We are currently blaming grit picked up in the shallow, dirty, weedy water that we have encountered.  Let's hope that a good long run across Lake Ontario clears that up.

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler, an ever present reminder to keep moving. Soon we will be in another country.  Our adventure continues.
The morning mist at Frankford lock


  1. I had been at Frankford at a very young age when my oldest sister and her husband were transferred the with the Bank of Montreal. Pretty place if I recall? You can always expect a jerk or two along the way, but a whole string of them, Ian? Oh my you were batting 100 ! Yes the days are shorter now with dusk appearing not long after the hour of 8 pm ... *sigh*, not a time I am looking forwards to ... head South as fast as you can ! LOL

  2. I hope you filled up in Campbellford at the ESSO just before the bridge. They sell gas/diesel at street prices. Also, the guy at Fraser Park marina in Trenton is an awesome fellow (Chris I think is his name). If you have drive problems the mechanic he recommended for our starter problem was an excellent guy and cheap. Charged me $60 cash to diagnose and replace a solenoid.

  3. Thanks Neil for the good info.
    We knew about the Campbellford ESSO, it was in the Ports book.
    I will give the mechanic a call, I am sure that he has seen this before.