21 August 2012

Crossing the Border

We completed the Trent-Severn happy for the experience, but left with a nagging little souvenir.  That annoying squeal from the starboard drive.

So, Sunday morning consisted of a bunch of emails to technical friends.  I am new to inboards and I have an inboard issue.  I needed help.  My help said... press on.  And we did.

We left Trenton and fantastic run down the Bay of Quinte.  Mostly up on plane, some down at a cruising idle to save fuel.  When we arrived a Prinyer's Cove there was silence.  Not enough silence to proclaim miraculous healing, but enough for comment.  "Did you hear that, no squeal", I said.  I got that look.  Maybe it was too soon.  And it was.

So, Monday morning consisted of a bunch of phone calls.  I have now convinced myself that this is nothing that I want to play with at the start of a year long adventure.  It is going to get looked at.  But, nobody can help me and all of a sudden I am feeling a little helpless.  We inched our way closer to Kingston and took up a mooring ball in Prinyer's Cove.  It turns out that we are too big to get service at this end of Lake Ontario.  The only guy that could do it said it would be two weeks before he could even start.  But, he was also very kind and offered up some suggestions.  So, kudos to Kingston Marina.

Our promised saviour comes from Brewerton, NY.  Not on Lake Ontario, but the Erie Canal.  Great news, we are heading that way!!!

We now have a plan and a favourable weather forecast.  Engines on, it is time to head for the United States of America.

The trip to Oswego, NY was 43nm.  A piece of cake cruising at 23.5 knots, blasting through small waves created by a 10 knot SW breeze.  Sometimes, size does matter.  :-)

I can't help but share our giggle from this afternoon.  "Go to the pharmacy and get your beer".  Pharmacies here are not like at home.  Here, you can get your beer and smokes.  I guess they can still sell the stuff that makes you feel better, it doesn't have to be good for you.

Only thirty-one more locks and we are on the ocean.  It doesn't sound too bad if you say it quickly.

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