09 August 2012

Trent-Severn Big Chute Marine Railway

Go where the wind blows you.  Words to live by.

With the forecast calling for big winds, there was no more time for waiting.  It was time to go.

We had an absolutely beautiful trip across Georgian Bay.  There were lots of boats on the water.  Trying to get to where they wanted to be before the forecasted winds pick up.  Fisherman take note... I don't recall ever marking so many fish on the sonar.  Lots of bait fish even.

Day 2.  The Trent-Severn.  Navigation buoys.  And locks.  Lots of locks.

One of the highlight features of the system is Big Chute.  Instead of a lock, a marine railway car.

Big Chute.  The view from the observation deck.
Knot Yet entering the Big Chute rail car.

Knot Yet going up and over.
Crossing the road at Big Chute.
They build some pretty nice cottages on the Trent-Severn.
Not a bad little get away.
The wildlife knows the way.
Osprey nest on a navigation aid.


  1. Ian and Kerri...I love this blog...very cool to follow you on your adventure! I'm favouriting you guys for sure! ENJOY living the dream!

  2. So beautiful up there ... looking a little overcast? Rain here since yesterday on the Peninsula (finally)

  3. Hi Tina! Glad you love the blog! We are having fun enjoying the adventure. :)

    Hi Cindy! It is beautiful here. Unfortunately the weather has been rainy and now getting cool.

    We are heading out this morning to do 3 locks and likely spend the night in Orillia.