23 August 2012

We stole our first car today.

We arrived late in the afternoon at Winter Harbor Marina, greated by some truly genuine people.  We feel right at home here, it feels like the right place to get some work done.  While cooking our dinner, the owner wanders by and invites us to help ourselves to some fresh herbs from the garden.  Nice people.

The following morning we check in and chat with the staff about the work that we want done.  They go over their inventory and they don't have our cutlass bearing in stock, it will arrive tomorrow.

While we wait, they suggest that we take advantage of one of their courtesy vehicles and get some provisions in town.  I am not sure what happened next.  We must of been preoccupied with our own issues.  They had two vehicles to chose from.  A Mercedes wagon and a mini van.  They were parked around side of the building and the keys are in them.  "Help yourself", they said.  So, we did.  We walked around the side of the building and found a Mercedes with the keys in them and off we went.  West Marine, lunch and then the grocery store.

It was on our way back that we realized our mistake.  My cell phone rings.  "Mr. Brooks, are you in a Mercedes sedan", she says.  "Yes", I say.  "That is not our courtesy car", she says.

Oh my!  What have we just done.

Fortunately, her next response was laughter.  I guess we are not the first to take this guy's car by accident.  The call was to ensure that we didn't try and put any gas in it.  His car has been converted to Bio-diesel.  Good thing she called.  I had noticed it was a diesel, but we did plan to top it up to show our gratitude for the loaner vehicle.

There was a good crowd waiting for us upon our return.  It was the end of the day and owner of our stolen Mercedes wanted to go home.  We took a good ribbing, we blushed and all was good.  So, much for the 'polite Canadian' reputation.  It is only our second day in the country and we are already stealing cars.

What's going to happen tomorrow?


  1. For sure making memories!!! And good grief I certainly hope we never need a lawyer LOL!!