24 August 2012

Squeak update

We are good for now.  The cutlass bearing is replaced.  And I am happy.

But, the problem isn't "fixed".  It seems that we have a slight alignment issue, motor to drive shaft.  But, the fix isn't urgent.  There is no saying how long that we have had it.  So, we will move on.

We are still in Brewerton.  Our new cutlass bearing was supposed to be here this morning at 9am.  BUT, the regular FedEx driver wasn't in today and his replacement was doing the route backwards.  If it wasn't for the great staff here at Winter Harbor Marina we would have been stuck here for the weekend.  They tracked the truck down and got the part themselves.

Tomorrow we move on. With a little peace of mind now that we know what our problem is.  It was nice to inspect the bottom of the boat and put our  Trent-Severn "bump" behind us.

I can't say enough good things about Winter Harbor Marina.  Great family people.  We feel welcome here.  The fuel pumps on the water are credit card pumps, so they are open all night.  Where do you see that on the water?!?!  I wish all marinas were like Winter Harbor.

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