23 August 2012

No more skinny water!

With all the formalities of changing countries out of the way, it is time to move on.  We have a wedding in Rhode Island that we are trying to make by September 1st.  We will rent a car someplace along the way, park the boat, and go dance and be merry. ;-P

So, far the navigation is so much easier.  Wider rivers with a lot more depth.  But, it has been fairly slow moving.  Lots of cottages and everybody seems to have a small boat parked out front.  The locks are much bigger than what we have experienced so far on the Trent-Severn.

Onward we push to Winter Harbor Marina, hoping to get some simple repairs completed before moving on.

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  1. The locks are huge!!! One thing that was different was that some of the locks don't have cables that are secured on the bottom. I held on the rope (slimy and gross) with one hand and used the boat pole to keep us off the wall. I am certainly getting a work out!! We did part of the Trent many years ago in a much smaller boat. Big difference in the 48'!! Still having fun!