05 June 2011

Day1 and we are already a day late!!!

My intentions were good, my delivery was a little poor.

We tried to close the deal on Knot Yet on a Friday the 13th.  Guess what, it didn't happen.  Just the same, I had promised a bunch of friends a good time at Sailfish Marina in West Palm Beach.  The deal didn't close until Monday.  No boat = no good time.

Fast forward to Day1 of delivery.  We had it all worked out with the boat yard.  Work was to be completed by Friday.  No exceptions.  We were leaving on Saturday.  I had invited the same faithful group to join me on our first leg north.  Stuart to St. Augustine!  They had rooms booked.  Cars rented.  Oops!!! Sorry gang.  The boat won't be finished until noon-ish Saturday.  We won't be heading to St. Augustine until Sunday.

With family and friends offered a token boat ride on Saturday, it was up bright and early and we were heading north Sunday morning.  What started out as very soft 2ft swells turned into nothing at all.  A very uneventful first day.  Just the way we like it.

The weather forecast looks good.  The sooner we get off the Atlantic, the better chance I have of making it back to work on time.

Monday: Variable winds less than 5 kt becoming E 6 to 11 kt in the afternoon. Mostly sunny. Seas 1 to 2 ft.

Monday Night: E wind 6 to 11 kt becoming SE after midnight. Partly cloudy. Seas around 2 ft.

Day 1:


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