11 June 2011

Day7: Our final day on the ocean

Our final day on the ocean.  Or, so we thought.  We woke up to dense fog everywhere.

Spark up the radar.  Turn on the running lights.

6 knots.  This stinks!  9 knots.  Well at least we can steer this.  And only 4-5 gallons per hour.  Almost trawler like.

It was 3 hours before the fog finally cleared.  Pick it up!  But, along came the wind and the waves.  We took a pretty good beating.  With only 19nm of New Jersey left we had to make a decision.  Do we give up for the day?  No way, let's press on.

A tiny angle change and getting off the Jersey coast and life improved a lot.  Long Island... New York City... the Hudson River.  Good bye Atlantic Ocean.

The Hudson River is a pleasant surprise.  A lot more scenic than I had imagined.  West Point Academy is an impressive sight from the water.

Our slow start left us a little short of the Erie Canal, but we are close and we will make the best use of our time for the next couple days.  There is a lots of water still in the canals, so levels are high.  I hope we have the bridge clearance.  The outriggers don't go as low as I had imagined.  It is going to be close.  Or the tools are coming out.

Erie canal:  http://www.canals.ny.gov/

Today's route:

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