17 June 2011

Day12: Lake Erie

L. Erie weather changes quickly.  And, today, it is true to form.

The morning starts off favourable, but Environment Canada is forecasting the winds to switch to a head wind.  And they were right.  Annoying enough that we had to change course.  Rather than following the major shipping channels, we made our way north to Point Pelee.  We kept the waves a little more on our beam, rather than on our nose.  She is fine ship!

If we keep pushing, we can make the Detroit river and put this slop behind us.

Jefferson Beach Marina (St. Clair Shores, MI) is our goal.  Once we get there, the end is near.  Captain Chris is ready to go home.  We have a driver lined up.  And his flight booked for Ft. Lauderdale out of Detroit.

Yesterday, I mentioned, the synchronizer was acting funny.  Rather than synchronizing, it was actually forcing the engines out of sync.

Between Chris and I, we have several contacts in our phones.  We start to calling.  We phoned the manufacturer.  We had a tech lined up to meet us at Jefferson Beach.  Chris spent a fair bit of time in the engine room getting part numbers.   ZF was doing their best to diagnose the issue while we were under way. The controls are not the originals, so we called the place that installed them.  It turns out, that while Chris was showing me how things used to work.  The button that we thought was now disabled was the issue.  With one flick of a button, we were back in business.  That phone call probably saved me a $1000.

There are so many systems on this boat.  I am still learning.  It's good to have a network of people that I can call.

Today's route:

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