18 June 2011

Day13: Let's make this boat ours

Today is the first day that I am to operate this boat on my own.

Chris casts my lines for me and I put out to L. St. Clair.  Today's destination: Sarnia, ON.  Back home to Canada for real.

Today I will import the boat into Canada properly.  Today my girls are flying down to join me.  Today, for the first time, the boat feels like ours.

I put out of the marina, set the auto pilot on a slow idle and run around the boat gathering in lines and fenders. Soon, I am ready.  I put the boat up on plane and start making my way to Sarnia.


The smile is short lived, cause within minutes I am enveloped in a thick fog.  No problem. I have got radar!!!  Reduce the speed a little and press on.  As soon as I enter the St Clair river the fog clears.

Does nobody work around here?!?!  The river is littered with fisherman.  That and there are more freighters here than we saw in New York harbour.  I don't mind, I am on my new boat.


It is never an enjoyable experience dealing with the government.  And truthfully, I don't have clue what the process is.  But, today is my lucky day, every official that I talk to is in a good mood and actually seems to be reviling in my purchase.
The brokers have my paper work complete and ready to go.  In and out.  Except for some pleasant small talk.
I walk over to the customs building with this strange paper work in hand.  She takes a quick glance at it. It all seems to be in order.  Stamp... stamp.  "That's all sir".
Wow, that was easy.  Apparently, they don't put up much of a fuss when you give them money.

Quick fast back to the boat.  My girls are coming.  I have to get some of this trip washed off before they get here.  I want Knot Yet looking her best when they arrive.

Many thanks to my buddy Howie for flying Kerri and Macara down to meet me.  It is going to be great to have the whole family together for this final leg back to Kincardine.

Today's route:

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