17 June 2011

Day9 and 10: More Erie Canal

More of the same.

Up until now we have been following the Mohawk river.  As we reach it's head waters we start using man-made canals.  Long straight runs.  Slow speed limits.  But, we are making progress.

On Day9 we make L. Oneida.  And the height of land in this area of Upstate New York.  Which means our first down locks.  It's time to make our decent down to L. Ontario.

As Day9 draws to an end we start making plans for where we want to stop for the night.  We like to get fuelled up at the end of the day, so that it doesn't interrupt our daylight travelling hours.  Guess what?  Nobody in this neck of the woods sells diesel.  Damn!

A nice place just the same.  They even gave us a lift in to town for groceries and to pick up some take-out.  Genuinely nice people.  http://www.piratescovemarina.com/

Day10 starts off a little breezy as we make our way toward L. Ontario.  The Oswego river is my least favourite portion of the canal. Way too many cottages laying claim to 'No Wake' zones so that they can leave their 16' runabout on a dock.  It goes on for ever!  And the locals get irate over the tiniest ripple.  The boat in front of us had the Sheriff called on him.  We just had a phone call placed to the next Lockmaster.  No harm, no foul.  Just not a very welcoming place.

Fuel up at Oswego and race to the Welland Canal.  If we hurry, there is a window of opportunity that we may get locked through tonight!  That would be awesome!!!  That would buy us a travel day back.

L.  Ontario, starts of quite rough.  Not encouraging at all, but within an hour or so, it lays right down and we flying right along.

We arrive at the entrance to the Welland Canal by 5:30pm.  Perfect!!!  We made it on time.

Some neat links and maps:

Erie Canal Day 1 progress - We stayed at Lock 15 in Fort Plain, NY
Erie Canal Day 2 progress - We stayed below Lock 23 at Pirates Cove Marina in Clay, NY
Erie Canal Day 3 progress - Fuelled up and on L. Ontario by lunch time.


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