11 June 2011

Day6: Atlantic City

The morning started early like all the others.  Except this time our route took us out past battleship alley.  Bummer... not one submarine to be seen.

Now that the boat is running strong, our only worries are weather related.  They are calling for possible thundershowers starting as early as 2pm.  Likely by 8pm.  Today we are in a bit of a rush.  So, we pushed the boat a little and it loved it.

Best fuel prices we have seen.  $3.78 per gallon.

The marina as of a couple weeks ago was owned by Donald Trump.  No free wifi?!?!?!  There is no way I am paying for wifi after already spending more than enough.  The blog will have to wait for tomorrow.

Interesting story from the water today:
What now??? The aft bilge pump is running steady.  What is leaking now?!?!?!  Nothing ;-)  The rough seas slammed the float switch so hard that it pulled it's screw out of it's mount.  The switch was twisted up in corner.  One quick screw and we are back in business.

Interesting stories from Atlantic City:
We had a great sushi/sashimi meal over looking the boardwalk and beach and then off to one of Donald's many casinos.  I doubled my money playing Blackjack.  The bummer of it all is they had $1 tables and I only sat down with $20.

The route from Norfolk to Atlantic City:

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