19 June 2011

Day14: Homeward bound

Day14 is the final leg of this delivery.

Our first voyage together as a family.

With only approximately 80nm to cover today, life is a lot more relaxed.  The 6am alarm has been changed to 8am.  For the past 13 days, we have been on the water before 7am.  Not today.  Today it was shortly before 10am when we made our way off the dock.

Getting off the dock... that is a bit of a story in itself and it attracted quite a crowd.  You see, when I pulled into Sarnia the boat behind me was a 50' Viking (it's a small world.  I looked at this boat over the winter).  Well, he was importing his new boat today as well.  His 50' Viking turned into a 61' Viking!  A beautiful boat, but it left me a fair bit less room to manoeuvre.  As we cast our lines one kind gentleman offered his assistance.  By the time I wiggled my way out of there, a crowd of 10 had gathered.  A small round of applause followed.  Yes, it was a little tighter that I would have liked.

Most of the trip home was like a mill pond.  So, we set the auto pilot and played Pop n Go at the helm.  Macara drove for a while.  And then the girls got hungry and went down stairs to make lunch, which turned into watching a movie.  It's all good!  A great first day out on the water!!!

We will sit in Kincardine for the week.  Load her up with our stored boating stuff.  Then, next weekend we will take her up and around to Wiarton, our home port.

I apologize for resorting to Google Maps, but I don't have good marine maps on my laptop for Canada.
Day14:  Sarnia to Kincardine

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