07 June 2011

Day3: It's official, we have lost a day.

We finally made Charleston, SC.  And then we didn't leave.

We have two issues.  Uneven fuel burn and a bad trim tab.  The trim tab is trivial next to fuel issue.  But, is the trim tab creating the uneven fuel burn?  My saddle tanks gravity feed to a centre tank. How much could our listing lead to 150 gallon differential in fuel feed.

Yesterday, in Hilton Head, we suspected a check valve sticking.  We even brought in a mechanic to look at it.  Nothing appeared out of the ordinary.

Today, we listed and the differential fuel burn was still there.  So, we isolated a tank and watched.  The lower tank fed fine.  It would appear if we fix the trim tabs, then we are good to go.


What else is going on?  A big sport fishing tournament in Beaufort, NC.  Our planned destination.  So, we will have to push a little further to Oriental, NC.  A long haul, but it will buy us back some time.

Day0: Stuart, FL
Day1: St. Augustine, FL
Day2: Hilton Head, SC
Day3: Charleston, SC
Day4: Oriental, NC ???

Tomorrows weather:

Tonight...S winds 10 to 15 kt...becoming SW 10 kt. Seas 2 ft.

Wed...SW winds 5 to 10 kt...becoming S 10 to 15 kt in the afternoon. Seas 2 ft.

Wed Night...S winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 2 ft. 

Today's route:

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